Thor Ragnarok: Review 

The most awaited Thor, after 2 solo films the third and the final (mostly) solo held a lot of expectation and excitement for the fans, surely fulfilled  most of the aspects but not everything can be perfect.

The Good:

  • Can’t forget to mention about the hyping theme music, the theme song just gave the scenes a x2 times effect.
  • The balance of drama humour and action was perfect, all credits to director Taika Waititi for giving us the appropriate blend of all three things in one.
  • Submerging the audience into the different and beautiful world of Asgard, similarly like the patty (Wonder woman director) was able to take us through Themyscira though it wasn’t a different planet.


  • Bringing together the Revengers, the most discussed, the mightiest avenger and the Strongest avenger being together was the most satisfying part of the movie. The last fight was definitely the thrilling part of the film, more specifically the return of surtur, Well now the point is did Loki just look at the tesseract or.., we all know and now that they return back to earth, I smell mystery.

There was more good to the movie but now lets talk about the other part.

The bad:

  • “The big bad villian” issue, in my opinion the main villain “Hela” wasn’t given the full attention, especially her ambitions to destroy. 

    Also that the side villain was expected to be more powerful but due to 2 powerful villains being together both of them couldn’t be highlighted as individuals. 

    • They couldn’t keep the flow, after interval the film dropped a little, the escape part lost a little flow, loki betrayal was expected though.


    Overall I would suggest to watch Thor:ragnarok in the theatres, totally worth. Definitely  in the top 5 movies in the MCU.

     Genre: Action| Adventure|Comedy                               

    Directed by: Taika Waititi

    Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom           Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett

    Written by: Eric Pearson,Craig Kyle

    -Reva Kaneri  Ratings :8/10 

    -Rotten tomatoes 🍅: 93%

    -IMDb: 8.2/10

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