Justice league Review

I will try no to include any spoilers.

Everyone’s childhood dream come true, most awaited justice league, DC

The storyline

The atmosphere of superman being gone was created perfectly, all the introductory scenes of the Heroes were good, although expected more details because it was setting a base, but loved them especially for Aquaman and Wonder woman.

The return of superman wasn’t as good as expected, the CGI wasn’t good enough, although loved him against the league.

All the Zack Snyder scenes were so perfect, my favourite one the flash-wonder woman.

The drawback

The flaw of the movie was the run-time, everybody wanting more of the movie after the trailer shots being seen, a lot of scenes being cut.

The Music

And can’t stop appreciating the Music by Danny Elfman . The heroes theme apparently my favourite.

The villain

StephenWolf had a typical story like most of the villains, the amazons attempt to stop him was the most thrilling part of the movie.

Nevertheless the Atlantean’s weren’t shown as powerful as they are.

The final fight seemed easy, the league didn’t look at its best.

By @ajdesigns0220

The Fun

The small jokes in between were keeping the flow, the cyborg-flash chemistry could have been more emphasised on but overall satisfying.

The POST CREDITS (contains spoilers 🚨)

How can one not talk about this one, the mid-credits were cool. But the POST-CREDITS, Luthor idea of creating a own league that is “legion of doom”, does that mean Justice League part II is the league fighting against their evil counterparts.

According to me, Justice League is surely a watch in the theatre, also for the visual effects, the music and mainly for the league coming together. Reva kaneri

y rating: 8.5/10

IMDb: 7.6/10


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