Infinity war: Ending explained

This is a post filled with a lot of spoiler so continue reading only if you’ve watched the movie.

Are you confused? Or heart broken to what actually happened to all your favourite characters? Why did they just vanish away, are they really dead?

I’m going to answer all your questions really quick.

At wakanda, while the final battle after wanda destroys the mind stone or vision maybe. And thanos uses the time stone and kaboom! He gets all of them..

Then we get to the part when thor hits him with the stormbreaker and we see thanos snap his fingers and seemingly wipe out half the humanity and completing his life goal, this scene is directly taken from the comics where he snaps his fingers.

We see most of the main characters vanish in this scene: bucky, black panther, scralet Witch, Doctor strange, Falcon, Groot, Star-Lord, Mantis, Drax and spider-man( Surprise).

What happens after they vanish?

We see thanos in the soul world, yes that orange hue where we see younger version of gamora is the soul world, as gamora was killed as a part of thanos plan it makes sense her being there. Will her soul always be there? Yes ,most probably

Are they going to stay dead?

The point here isn’t who died but it who is left, before doctor strange dies he says “this was the only way” to tony, which means the only outcome where they win is doctor strange choosing iron man over the stone and thanos winning!

The highlight of this situation is we have the phase 1 characters left behind for avengers 4, does this mean they’re going to get back others with help of captain marvel.

As kevin feige says the characters dead are going to stay dead, loki and gamora are going to be dead as they weren’t kill by the snap.

But others will most likely be coming back strongly because of the post credits scene.

Can vision return?

He looks pretty dead after thanos gets hold of him, we don’t know how far shuri got in her attempt to separate his consciousness from the Mind stone. She did grab the holographic file of his brain before her lab was attacked, perhaps vision can be resurrected in avengers 4.

What about the stones?

After his snap, thanos is questioned what it cost he says “everything” heavily. He still has the infinity Gauntlet but it looked burned and beyond repair after the snap. Does this mean the stones can’t be used together again?


This is the part where we could reach this conclusion. Nick sends a signal before vanishing which confirmed captain marvel.

Which is most likely to be planned before avengers 4 and its timeline to be earlier than phase 4 movies( set leaked photos) show nick fury with his both eye


Thanos was going to win in all ways but doctor strange choice would make a difference in the future as tony is very important to the MCU, nick sends a message to captain marvel to let her know that thanos won. This leads us to avengers 4 which is scheduled in 2019 before that we have “antman and the wasp” on 6 th july 2018 and then captain marvel.

Thank you all those who read till the end ❤️

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